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Henny Penny FlexFusion™ Combi Oven Platinum Series FPG 115 Gas

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Henny Penny FlexFusion™ Combi Oven Platinum Series FPG 115 Gas


230V,1ph, 50/60Hz, 0.8kW,2Amps.


LPG 0.75 in gas line NPT external thread

61,500 BTU/hr or 18 kW/hr

Max temperature 482°F (250°C)


  • 10 full-size 2.5 in (65 mm) steam table pans


  • 10 FlexiRack pans and grids
  • 3 standard 6-chicken grids crosswise,

18 chickens per load

  • 6 half-size FlexiRack 6-chicken grids,

2 per rail, 36 chickens per load


Width 40.13 in (1019 mm) gas

Depth 31.50 in (799 mm)

Height 43.50 in (1105 mm)

Made in USA


Advanced combis so easy to use, with hundreds of recipes and time-saving apps available at a single swipe. Replaces steamers, grills and convection ovens, so you’re saving tons of kitchen space. Steam on demand without a boiler saves you even more on operating and maintenance costs.

  • 7-inch full-color touch/swipe display with easy to use apps
  • Automatic humidity control in 10% increments
  • 5-speed auto-reverse fan for fast, even cooking throughout the cabinet
  • WaveClean automatic cleaning with single 2-in-1 cleaner/rinse-aid cartridge
  • Triple pane glass
  • Choice of high-watt PowerAdvantage or FlexiRack high-capacity pans and grids
  • USB connectivity
  • 6, 10, 20-pan sizes
  • 10-pan version includes smoker option
  • 5-pan Space$aver with narrow 19-inch width
  • Team Combi integrates separate cabinets in one unit
  • Space$aver Team available with or without hood


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