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GB-110 GB-220 GB-330
Nº OF BOWLS 1 2 3
NET WEIGHT 28Kg 48Kg 60Kg
STANDARD VOLTAGE 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz
SPECIAL VOLTAGE 220V/60Hz – 115V/60Hz 220V/60Hz – 115V/60Hz 220V/60Hz – 115V/60Hz
POWER 300W 650W 900W
AMP 2.5 4.8 6.7
PRODUCTION Slush, Sorbet, Frozen Cocktail and Cold drinks
WORKS WITH Concentrate + Water, Alcohol Based Mixes, Dairy Based Mixes and Fruit Based Mixes
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Compact Slush machine

The perfect slush machine for any type of business where the symplicity, durability and professional performance is the most important thing.

Budget Friendly

Where classic shapes meets reliable performance. Granibeach is our traditional Slush machine intended for everyday use. Ideal for all who want to enjoy preparing delicious slush, cold drinks, sherbets, cocktails and more with an extraordinary quality / price ratio.


Combines the strength and forms of tradition with technical solutions and avant-garde materials. It delivers superior performance for the true slush masters. The stainless steel panels means high performance with maximum durability.

 Professional Performance

The machine includes clear, durable polycarbonate bowls, each with 10 liters capacity for great slush availability all day long. This unit utilizes a continuous mix system to ensure product freshness to enhance the taste and natural aromas of the slush. Features a non-drip dispensing tap to ensure clean and sanitary conditions.


Granibeach features an easy-to-use switch control panel. There is a mixer switch and a cooling switch for each bowl. First simply flip the mixer switch to the UP position to start the motor, then flip the cooling switch to the UP position to slush production or to DOWN position to save electricity during off hours or produce cold drinks such as lemonade, fruit juice, etc.

Digital Display 

The machine is equipped with an innovative digital display, that it indicates the temperature of the beverages of each bowl. The display also warns about the possible faults in each bowl, in this way, time is not wasted chasing the wrong problem.

Lighted Top Covers

Under request. Expose your slush in movement through the transparent bowl and highlight it thanks to the LED lightened cover. Draw clients attention to enhance impulse buying. The cover has a customizable large area to make your company know to the public.

Slush Consistency

Set the consistency by just turning the rear part. Turn counter-clockwise to produce higher density slush or turn clockwise to produce lower density slush.

Easy Cleaning

Bowl and tap easily removable without the aid of any tool for quick cleaning and total hygiene.


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