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Further features:
Capacity in GN containers 6 x 1/1GN
Capacity in 60x40cm containers 5 – with accessory
Portions for cooking process n° 85
Product core probe Multipoint, standard
Simultaneous cooking Automatic and Multi-timer
Automatic cooking Yes
Display Colour interactive digital
Door knob left-hand opening even with full hands
Automatic washing with triple-action sanitizing effect
Power supply Electricity
Energy Control Pre-Setting for remote control of power peaks



Combi oven (steam, hot air, combi) with automatic cooking for pasteurization, smoking, sous vide, drying, prepare cakes and desserts, frying, steaming, browning, searing, cooking in Delta T and Low Temperature. Fan with auto-reverse function for reversal of rotation direction and 6 fan speeds (1 intermittent), patented control system. Patented direct humidity control while cooking. Dual level steam generation. Library programs with 150 automatic and stored cooking programs. Complete recipes with ingredients, preparation, cooking methods and tips for the presentation of the plate, with photography. 100% automatic Cook & Chill programs with integrated BE-1. Simultaneous Multi-cooking with: simultaneously compatible cooking processes, multi-timer (20 times) and use up to 2 core probes. ECO function for the consumption reduction in cooking and washing. Automatic washing system with triple-action sanitization effect, totally automatic, requiring no outside help for every single washing and the operator does not handle the chemical product. Seven washing programs. Structure made in AISI 304 stainless steel, AISI 316L in cooking chamber.


All Features:

Working voltage 400V 3N~ / 230V 3~ / 50÷60 Hz
Net Weight 115 kg
Gross Weight 127 kg
Packing Width 101 cm
Packing Height 101,6 cm
Packing Depth 96,5 cm
Width 92 cm
Height 78,5 cm
Depth 90,1 cm
Electric Power 12 kW
Electric supply height 46 cm
Cold water 14,5 l/h
Cold water diameter 3/4″
Cold water connection height 46 cm
Water drain diameter 4
Water drain height 1 cm
Dimensions 92×90,1×78,5 cm
Packing 101×96,5×101,6 cm


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