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E-112 E-120
NET WEIGHT 16.3Kg 16.8Kg
SPECIAL VOLTAGE 220V/60Hz – 115V/60Hz 220V/60Hz – 115V/60Hz
POWER 150W 150W
AMP 1.1 1.2
TEMPERATURE CONTROL Adjustable Thermostat (0ºC – 10ºC)
WORKS WITH Juice, Milk, Tea, Lemonade, Cocktail Drinks, Coffee, Wine, Refreshing soups, etc.


Cold drinks dispenser

Serve your cold drinks with style and ease with NH, the most innovative cooler in the sector, a perfect machine to cool any kind of beverage.

Durable Design

Thanks to its design made of hard and resistant plastic, NH provides high durability ensuring long life cycle in your premises. The plastic parts won’t rust or dent like other metal drink dispenser, helping it maintain its professional appearance for years to come.

Budget Friendly

Where classic shapes meets reliable performance. Granibeach is our traditional Slush machine intended for everyday use. Ideal for all who want to enjoy preparing delicious slush, cold drinks, sherbets, cocktails and more with an extraordinary quality / price ratio.

Enhanced Cleaning process

We know that a long and arduous cleanup is what puts many people off using this type of equipment, for this reason NH features an easy bowl release system that, without the need for any tools, decreases time spent during assembly and disassembly process. Also, the bottom tray keeps drips and splashes off your ensures that your countertop always looks its best.


Right Temperature, Boost Flavour

Drink temperature is important when it comes to flavor, for most people, right temperature can enhance

Easy to keep cold and ready 

Operating NH is easy, simply lift the lid, pour your drink and turn it on. The unit is equipped with an easy to use two-switch control panel. There is a mixer switch and cooling switch, simply flipping up this two switches starts the mixer motor and begins the cooling process.

Push&Flow Tap 

With NH you can serve your drinks with only one hand, just press the glass or the jug against the tap to get the drink. NH tap allow you to serve drinks without pulp for those clients who want a smoother drink or with pulp to unleash all fruit nutrients and boost the healthy properties of juice. It features high level of hygiene and simple to dismantle and clean.

 Wide range of Drinks

NH is incredibly versatile, allowing you to cool and serve a wide selection of drinks: Juice, water, milk, flavored milk, tea, lemonade, rehydration & Sport drinks, cocktail drinks, natural fruit juices, coffee, detox beverages, wine, refreshing soups made with vegetables, cold infusions.

Crystal Clear Bowls

The unit features durable, crystal clear polycarbonate bowls. Maximize the visibility while minimizes the risk of breakage ensuring many years of use. Show the exotic colors of your fruit juice, cocktail, etc. and make easy for your customers to view the bowl contents to increase impulse sales.

Mix and serve finest quality

Its continuous rotary system keeps the product well mixed and consistently blended for the best cold drink experience. Prevents products from settling to the bottom, which ruins the drink quality and negatively affect the taste, and ensures a perfect product lump-free consistency.


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