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Portions for cooking process n° 140
Capacity in 60x40cm containers 10
Energy Control Pre-Setting for remote control of power peaks
Product core probe Singlepoint, optional
Power supply Gas
Capacity in GN containers 10 x 1/1GN


Combi oven (steam, hot air, combi) with digital display and library programs. Steam generation dual level. Fan with automatic rotation reverse. Active humidity control while cooking. SC2 automatic washing system with double-action sanitization effect, with manual dispersion of the liquid cleaning product. Structure made in AISI 304 stainless steel, AISI 316L in cooking chamber.


Working voltage 230V 1N~ / 50Hz
Net Weight 168 kg
Gross Weight 180 kg
Packing Width 101 cm
Packing Height 125 cm
Packing Depth 97 cm
Width 92 cm
Height 103 cm
Depth 90,6 cm
Electric Power 0,8 kW
Gas Power 19,5 kW
Gas diameter 3/4″
Gas supply height 46 cm
Cold water 30 l/h
Cold water diameter 3/4″
Cold water connection height 46 cm
Water drain diameter 4
Water drain height 1 cm
Dimensions 92×90,6×103 cm
Packing 101x97x125 cm


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