About Us

Who We Are​

SCS Smart was founded to give our customers the right professional equipment for the best operation. From concept to full operation, we take care of our projects till full productivity.
SCS Smart named because we predict the right solutions and offer you higher levels of technology, services, and money saving.
We are based in Egypt and today working around the region, knowledge is the commodity we serve.
Whatever is the size of the project, our experts are capable to give you the right layout of the suitable equipment for the smooth productive operation with no future headaches.
QSR (Quick serve restaurants) is one of the most demanded in the present market and we not the only experts in this field but we assure you we are among the best. Also, we handle all upper categories of dining till the most sophisticated and high standards.
Our aim is to provide our prospective clients with design solutions and products of the highest quality and lowest environmental impact, and delivered with high levels of service. We listen to our clients’ ideas and find specific solutions to specific projects and operations, in order to satisfy their needs and help in achieving their goals to improve the profitability of their business.
We are proud to have the best people that we can find, people that not only have unique experience and expertise but are passionate about what they do and are great to deal with.
Our team work gives us the power to fulfill any challenge along the way and we strive to equip you in:

  • Fine Dining
  • Quick serve restaurants
  • Theme Restaurants
  • Pastry bakery and Ice Cream/Gelato
  • Chocolate Equipment
  • Coffee shop
  • Supermarkets / Convenient store / Delis

We at SCS Smart express ourselves by satisfying our prospective clients and fulfilling any challenge along the way.

Our Mission

To become a regional reference for excellence in Professional Kitchen and coffe shop equipment.
To offer the best customer experience to our clients through the highest standards in professional services.
We are innovative in our approach and strive to provide creative ideas for our clients requirements.
We are able to tackle any kind of project requirements and their challenges professionally and in a timely manner.

We deliver results with 100% client satisfaction.

We will achieve our vision through:

Our Vision

We believe in doing things differently

Our dedication and passion to food services & coffee shop equipment has no limit, we believe in providing more value then what our prospective clients have purchased for.
Together we can create success .





Our Expertise

  • The Quality of our services
  •  Value for money to our client
  •  Professional Support
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